Monday, January 31, 2011


Last night my grandmother on my dad's side passed away. Although she was my granma, I could never say that we were very close. I never spent the night at their house. I never really saw them unless it was holidays. These grandparents I am talking about only lived around 15 miles away from me since I was born. I loved her, but not the way that I see my wife or many other people loving their grandparents. I never really thought about it being a bad thing or anything like that, I just took it as that we weren't close. Now that I have a child whose grandparents (both sides) love her with every single ounce of their being, I see how it is supposed to be. Their eyes light up when they see her, the same way her eyes light up when she sees them. I am so thankful that my daughter will have such a close bond with her grandparents, in a way that I never had with mine. So here I am, laying my heart out on the line saying thank you so much to my parents and my wifes parents for loving us so much, and our daughter even more. You guys don't know how much it really means to me for my child to have grandparents that no matter what, would do anything at all for her. It means more than you will ever know.

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  1. Tears are a flowing. How true is this?! We are extremely fortunate to have amazing parents that love our daughter as their own. Bella will not know a day of what it's like not to have the love from her family, her parents and her grandparents. Bella Mae is one blessed little girl! Love you babe.